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SQI University


SQI Inc. integrates and extends open source core technologies and applications. How modifications are done is computer science. What integration and enhancements are implemented is driven by strategic vision and point of view.

SQI University is the forum we use to communicate our strategic principles. SQI crafts technology to provide an enabling platform for organizations to achieve their strategic objectives. The more an organization understands and adopts the SQI vision, the greater value they will accrue from SQI technologies and services.

In some cases the SQI vision is centered in a global paradigm shift. Such a case is the Collaborative Knowledge Base component which is deeply rooted in the Participatory Brand paradigm shift.

In other cases the SQI vision is based on a new way of analyzing concepts that are already familiar. This is the case with The Unifying Theory of Software Quality (UTSQ) Everyone knows that the quality of products or services affects success. But it is clear from ineffective and even destructive executive actions, across many organizations, that the nature of the linkage between quality and economic return is obscure. UTSQ provides a direct economic model that is the vision behind the Client Interface Environment technology.

The Human Factor

The SQI vision is always an integrated human-plus-technology solution. SQI University is tasked with providing the concept and insight of knowledge transfer - a level above the direct operations knowledge required by the application components that are delivered by the user manuals. Just as aeronautics has adopted the "Pilot in the Loop" approach of designing control systems for complex aircraft, SQI believes the same approach must be implemented in the analysis of the interaction that occurs between users and technology.

Starting Points

Application Colleges

Client Interface Environment

Other Colleges

SQI Research

The topics below do not address the current technologies or services provided by SQI. This area of SQI University is pure research. For those interested it does provide a view into possible future offerings.

Contributor Analytics

Any Knowledge Harvesting/Delivery strategy is dependent on an active and committed team of knowledge contributors. SQI research is evaluating technologies and data visualization to provide analytics on the contribution process. The goal is to craft the infrastructure that enables an organization understand who are the productive contributors and how active is the process.

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